Offshore Tax Evasion the Panama Papers and Exposing the Underground Dark Economy:


The Recently Controlled Leak of the PanamaPapers 2.5TBs Of Information from 1970 Onward.. of Clientel Data Released to 400 Journalist Across the Globe The Largest Data Leak in History! Released by ICIJ a Firm Riddled With Suspicious Financial Connections..
From the Ford Foundation,
Rockefeller Foundation and The Evil Man Himself George Soros to the USAid a Company with Known CIA ties for Being Involved in an Operation Involving Cuba.. now im not bashing the ICIJ and These Journalist integrities Information is still yet been sifted through given 2.5TBs but this Does Appear to Be an Insider Hack Revealing Corrupt Transcations.
However Even If this is a controlled leak it cerrtainly shouldn’t be ignored and the Entertainment value is Also Very High..
All Ready there Have Been a String of Resignations a few of which we will look at later and We Can Only Expect More as these Revelations Roll Out But Just Know Its Way Worse then Panama Papers thats just a Finger Print of the Dirty Corruption.. plagued into our society’s banking Systems Financial Schemes and Scams to avoid taxation
While we peons pay taxes our leaders are dodging them committing a form of fraud cause thats what it is..

Is USAID the New CIA? Agency Secretly Built Cuban Twitter Program to Fuel Anti-Castro Protests:

US agency USAid infiltrated Cuban hip-hop scene to spark youth unrest:

CIA Front, USAID, “Spreading Democracy”, Gearing Up in Ukraine – Suharto II?:

Another USAID Cuba Spy Program Exposed:

Swiss banker whistleblower: CIA behind Panama Papers:

This all just Smells in Denmark of Being A Designed Operation.. but why? Who Benefits From This? Well perhaps,
to Push Offshore Customers From Panama Offshore Banks to Banks In the States Mainly US, Nevada.. Delaware is the Motive?

Nevada Offshore Banks:

The World’s Favorite New Tax Haven Is the United States:

Rothschild Banks and the Potential by Western Influence Possibly Intelligence to Blackmail Patrons of Panama’s Own Mossack Fonseca..
However this Goes Way Back Further then the Panama Papers Its No Conspiracy Theory that Wealthy Rich Oligarchs, Dictators, Leaders, Hollywood, Mafia Types and Others. Have Used offshore Tax Havens and Shell Companies to Avoid Paying Taxes for Protecting Their Assets.. as well as Participate in Massive Crime like Drug/Gun Running Rings, Prostituion, Child Prostitution and Money Laundering Thousands Sometimes Millions and Billions of Dollars.. through wire fraud and other means.. Ultimately to Profit.

While We Poor
People and Middle Class Struggle.. to Pay Bills and Eat But Don’t Be Surprised.. Some of these People Involved are the Same People Who’ve Constantly Got Bailed Out with the same Crimes then used that Bail out Money or Previously Purchased Yachts, Cars and Huge Mansion Homes No Seriously.. ahhh Bankers..

Where’d the Bailout Money Go? Shhhh, It’s a Secret:

Government Bails Out Bank CEO After He Expenses Mansion, Jaguar, And Porsche:

After Bailout, Lavish Spending Lives On:

75% Of Latest Bank Of America Bailout Used To Pay Merrill Lynch Bonuses:

Some ugly truths about the bank bailouts:

The Big Bank Bailout:

This Should Anger You Like Pitchfork and Torch Anger.. these People Should Be Chased Down the Street While Our Future Generation is Suffering for their mistakes they are still making it big and being greedy?
Absolutely Unacceptable! and
this has been Going on For Years and the PanamaPapers is just Scratching the Surface of the Dark Financial World.. Of the Underground Black Economy..
this isn’t New.. from Recent Past Years.. We Have a Few Big Examples of Tax Evasion and Financial Fraud Cases.. in general  Carrolls Trust, and ex RAF Whistleblower Gordon Bowden Exposing Royal Tax Evasion.. and Dare I Mention the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit that the CNBC Executive mentioned then had a “Nanny Kills His Kids.” Brutally the Next Day..

CNBC Exec Kids Trillion Dollar Lawsuit:
The $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit and the Mysterious Murder of Two NY Toddlers:

Retraction of the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Case:

See While We Operate On A White Economy Where Everything We Do Is Transparent and Documented Public and If We Don’t Disclose.. We Ordinary People Face Raiding by the IRS, Audits.. Seizure of Assets.. Home, Car and Other Personal Property.. and Possible Imprisonment Time..

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service Pardons Certain Rich People and Private Groups.. and lets them off with a Warning.. or Slap on the Wrist a Pathetic Fine.. that is chump Change then Still Gives them a Bonus..
Because they are too Big too fail..
These People Operate Under a Different Set of Laws and use Law Loop Holes and Several Shody Crooked Lawyers to Get Away with Criminality and Skirt through and Around Laws Using Offshore Banks that Have Strict Disclosure Laws to Protect their “Customers.” The 1%..

These Coincidences Add Up
Speaking About the IRS Wow What Such Coincidence That there Was a Fire In the Basement the Same Week Literally a Few Days After the Panama Papers LEAKED Yeah So Some Rich Peoples Tax Records Went Up In Smoke During Tax Season LOL. Good thing its All Digital.. and We Have Back Up Copies that will probably go “missing.” or End up “Accidentally Deleted.”
Anyway.. Oops..

IRS Basement Fire Days After Panama Papers:

IRS headquarters evacuated Monday after fire breaks out in basement:

One Day After the Panama Papers were Leaked, IRS Headquarters Closes then Catches Fire:

One Day After the Panama Papers were Leaked, IRS Headquarters Closes then Catches Fire

Oh Btw..
Watch Out For Random Building Explosions/Fires these Days Things Tend to just Happen.. Spontaneous Surrounding Financial Wrong Doing like Enron and World Com and the IPO Scandal..
Yep.. Im Looking At You Building 7 Which Met an Untimely Demise and Wasn’t Hit By Any Plane.. on 911″s Fateful day..
but Most Americans Don’t know that this Building Even Existed..
Let Alone What Was Housed In Its Floors.. all the Companies that Occupied the Building and All the Data That was Destroyed
All those thousands and thousands Of Documents Up In Smoke.. Explained by?
Oh Right You Can’t Explain Why Such an Important Building in a Criminal Investigation Also Involved In the Black Eagles Trust Fund that expired 9/11 just Imploded.. as Larry Silverstein said “Pull it.” Then we made the decision to pull the building. A demolition term..
and How Only a Day Prior 2.3 Billion dollars “vanished.”
Then the Day of 911 Financial Budget Analyst working in the Pentagon to Investigate that 2.3 Billion Dollars that Rumsfeld said just vanished..
Reading through Ledgers Auditing the Defense Budget. Were Suddenly struck By a Missile.. Yes I Did Say a Missile.. Let Me just say Now that 911
Sounds like a Hollywood Script Already with Hijackers subverting security Some Not Even Caught On Security Footage at the Airports..
Coincidentally when
Our Nations Defenses Were Down Subverted By War drills a Building wtc7 explodes and implodes and a missile hit the Pentagon Budget Analyst left wing Office..
Which Has Slipped out through Various Freudian Slips.. over the years The 911 Article Written On This Blog Explores this Further but for Now.. well briefly look at it..
While in NY Records Went Up In Smoke in DC people investigating missing money Announced the Day Prior by Donald Rumsfeld were killed..
Wow What Such a Great Convenient Coincidence of Events for the People Involved in the Enron Scams and Deep Military Industrial Black Budget Projects..


911 Article (Previous Investigation):

911: Missile Video Leaked:

9/11: Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon Leaked

World Com:
World-Class Scandal At WorldCom:

Accounting Scandals on Wall Street – Enron – WorldCom:

Enron and other Corporate Scandal Updates:

WorldCom scandal one of many:

911 Budget Analyst:



2.3 Billion Dollars Missing from Defense Budget 9/10:

These are just a few Starting Signs Showing Emergence of the Dark Economy.. lifting the curtain that is used by a Shadow Government to Run its Own Intelligence Aparatus, and Miltary Arm All Off the Books..
Which Was Exposed by the Panama Papers Either Intentionally Or Accidently Either Way this is How Shady Deals are Made Using Offshore Shell Accounts to Do Dirty Bussiness.. Anything from Child Trafficking, Drug Smuggling to Gun Running.. to Aiding Field Agents Secretly
this is All Exposed all these “techniques” that are border line “lawful” or crossing the greyline.

CIA And Panama Papers Spies and Gun Smuggling Operation Goldfinger:

DYNCorp Child Trafficking:
Cynthia McKinney Grills Donald Rumsfeld – DynCorp:

No Matter if the Panama Papers Agenda is to Draw Customers to Move their Assets into the US in Nevada We Can Use the Panama Papers to Expose the BIG Key Players.. Getting the Conversation Started by looking at past Financial Cases and How Often this Actually goes on..
This All Has Since Been Forgotten.. Not just offshore Tax Evasion.. Which as I Said its Just Scratching the Surface Of What Offshore Accounts Are Used For and way more countries are Involved Besides Panama in Hiding these and other Illegal Financial Activities..

Financial Scandals..:


The Offshore Double Irish and Dutch Sandwich En:

Al Jazeera Report on IFSC Dublin and Tax Avoidance April 2013:

The IFSC & The Shadow Banking System with Dr Jim Stewart:

Ireland the IFSC Tax Haven Dare Not Speak Its Name:

Ireland third largest tax haven:

Panama Papers shine a light on Ireland’s SPVs:

The Missing Trillion Dollars and Foundation X:

UK up for sale to Foundation X – Lord James of Blackheath speaks to Sky:

Lord James of Blackheath – 15 Trillion dollars and 750 thousand metric tonnes of gold 16th Feb 2012:

Christopher Story – EU Corruption Part 1/3:

Christopher Story – EU Corruption Part 2/3:

Christopher Story – EU Corruption Part 3/3:

UK hit hardest by banking bailout, with £1trillion spent to save the City:

#Anon #NewZ Bush’s CAUGHT OUT Fed Europe Banks in 15 Trillion Fraud All Documented:

Gordon Bowden ex RAF Whistleblower:


Carrolls Trust:

Swiss Offshore Banking:


Financial Fraud of the Secretive Swiss Banking System: Offshore-Banking Whistleblower Hervé Falciani:

Inside Swiss Banks’ Tax-Cheating Machinery:


HSBC Corporate Rap Sheet:

HSBC files show how Swiss bank helped clients dodge taxes and hide millions:

Banking Giant HSBC Sheltered Murky Cash Linked to Dictators and Arms Dealers:

Swiss banks to lose ‘hundreds of billions’ of dollars after tax scandal:

Leaked Data From 30,000 Swiss Bank Accounts Reveals Mass Tax Avoidance:

US government faces pressure after biggest leak in banking history:


Corporate Rap Sheet:

UBS fined $780 million in tax evasion scandal – InvestmentNews:

Ex-UBS Banker Pleads Guilty in Tax Evasion:

UBS confirms it is being investigated in Swiss tax evasion scandal:

TIMELINE-Swiss bank UBS’s troubled history:


Barclays Scandal:

Barclays handed biggest bank fine in UK history over ‘brazen’ currency rigging:

Llyods London:

Shocking tactics at the heart of Lloyds scandal: Whistleblower opens up over interest rate swaps:

PPI Scandal: Lloyds Hit With £117m Fine:

Lloyds Banking Group sacks eight and withholds £3million of bonuses over Libor rate-rigging scandal that cost it £218million fine:

Lloyds fined £218m over Libor rate rigging scandal:

Lloyds and lessons from past scandals:


RBS Corporate Rap Sheet:

RBS shareholders absolutely lost it at the AGM:

A scandal too far? Latest RBS allegations are the worst of all:

An RBS scandal: haven’t we already seen this movie?:

Libor scandal: RBS fined £390m:

Five other banking scandals since 2008:

Libor (Currency FOREX Rates Manipulation):

Barclays hit with record fine as six banks settle forex scandal:

Libor Barclays Interest Rate Manipulation:

Timeline: Libor-fixing scandal:

Federal Reserve Missing 9 Trillion:
9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve!:

Want to Cut Government Waste? Find the $8.5 Trillion the Pentagon Can’t Account For:

With $8.5 Trillion Unaccounted for, Why Should Congress Increase the Defense Budget?:

So Where Does This Missing Money Vanish Too? It Goes Towards Black Projects, Funding Regime Change and Funding Terrorism.. Yes Terrorism as Per A Military Whistleblower and the Banks Caught.. Which Was Explored Previously in the Who Funds Isis Article Written on this Blog:



Everett Stern:

HSBC Whistleblower: Banks Are Financing Terrorism:

Terrorism funding just one thing big banks are getting away with – whistleblower Everett Stern:

Scott Bennett:

A Military Whistleblowing Report to Congress:
The Shell Game by Scott Bennet [Must Read]

Scott Bennett Website:

Psy-ops whistleblower: “I worked with 9/11 suspects Rumsfeld, Myers, Zakheim”

Psy-ops whistleblower: “I worked with 9/11 suspects Rumsfeld, Myers, Zakheim”


Banks Funding Terrorism:

HSBC Gets Small Fine For Terrorist Transactions:

The Big Bet to Hold Banks Liable for Terrorism:

Major banks knowingly funded Hezbollah terror operations: suit:

HSBC Helped Terrorists, Iran, Mexican Drug Cartels Launder Money, Senate Report Says:

Report: HSBC allowed money laundering that likely funded terror, drugs:

Standard Chartered share price falls 16%, wiping £6BILLION from its value, after claims the UK bank laundered billions for Iran and Hezbollah:

Suit Accuses Banks of Role in Financing Terror Attacks:

Its Also Very Interesting to Note that
The First Countries that Were Ensnared in the Panama Papers Crosshairs Were Countries that Went After Bankers..
Iceland and Russia.. yrs Ago who both kicked the Rothschilds to the Curb..

26 bankers already sentenced to a combined 74 years in prison:

Russia Bankers kicked to the curb:

Putin’s Purge Of The Rothschild Money Changers From Russia: Another Rothschild Goon Found Dead & Another Flees To U.K:

Iceland Free’s Rothschild Bankers that PM who quit Imprisoned..:

Days After Iceland’s PM Resigns Over “Panama Papers”, Its Bankers Are Released From Jail Years Early:

Panama Paper Resignations:

Iceland PM Steps Down:

The President of Transparency International Chile Resigns After Being Named in the Panama Papers:
The President of Transparency International Chile Resigns After Being Named in the Panama Papers

Sri Lanka Megapolis official resigns over Panama Papers scandal:

Sri Lanka Megapolis official resigns over Panama Papers scandal

Panama Papers lead Spanish minister to resign:

Way More to Come Wanna Keep Count?:
Twitter: @PPResignations

This PanamaPapers is the Continuation of an Elite Civil War thats Been Going On Behind the Curtain For Years.. since 2012.. Rockefeller vs Rothschilds Faction..
Now Blatantly Out in the Open In Our Face for All to See Grab a Very Large Bucket of Popcorn This isn’t Over..

Which Btw Another coincidence that Happened the Same Week as the Panama Papers a Rockefeller Pipeline Project the Keystone Pipeline a Main Pipe of the Keystone line had an “Accidental” leak of Billions of Dollars of Oil..

Keystone pipeline leaked 16,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota field:

Media Silent As Keystone Pipeline Leak 100 Times Larger Than Initially Reported:

Media Silent As Keystone Pipeline Leak 100 Times Larger Than Initially Reported

Keystone Leak Worse Than Thought:

As Previously Written About the Currency War i Suspect is Connected to this Which Also the Same Pipeline Had a spill See My Recent Article On the Cabal and the connections between massive events and BIG financial moves.. All Documented..:

Lastly, the
Rothschilds Are Wanted in France for Money Laundering and Fraud Indicted Also Implicated in Panama Papers on top of all that..

Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation After Baron David De Rothschild Indictment:

Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation After Baron David De Rothschild Indictment

HSBC, Coutts & Rothschild: British banks help the 1% evade tax, #PanamaPapers suggest:


Coincidentally Enough I Was Given a Very Cryptic Warning Something Major was Coming March-April By a Military Source in February tweet Provided:

The Major Disclosure May Be More then the Panama Papers.. as the IMF is Now Ready for the Collapse of the USD and Replacement with the SDR (Special Drawings Rights.) But What Worries Me is the “New” System is In Control by the Same old Institutions IMF Included.. the Deal Struck is Being Dubbed the Shanghai Accord because of its Similarities to the Plaza Accord of 1985.. the Last Central Banker Backed Intervention into Global Economies..

What Was The Plaza Accord, And What Does It Have To Do With Pressure On China To Revalue The Yuan?:

Update From Jim Rickards Saying HSBC Warned Prior to PanamaPapers Leak:

Follow the Money the Elites Dirty Secret of the Underground Dark Economy is Out..
And to Add to It a New Economic System is Being prepared by the Same Crooks.. and Were Suppose to Think this is OK and it won’t be corrupt This is Our Partial Disclosure?
Will things Change? Time Will Tell..
AK Out..


The Vatican Has Been Purged Of All Its Mafia Connections..
The craziest financial schemes that the Vatican Bank tried to cover up:

Unholy mess: Vatican amidst mafia money-laundering scandal:

US, Dutch men arrested attempting to deposit billions in fake bonds in Vatican bank:

Its a Rich Mans World:


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