Who Funds and Fuels ISIS?

“God Is On Ur Side that Land over there is yours you’ll have ur homes and ur mosque back Again because ur cause is right.”
~Zbigniew Brzezinski

Well its Been awhile since iv posted on this blog unfortunately writing these Articles is a Long Process compiling evidence history and documents and i gain no monetary gain from putting out this information..
but iv been busy with other things mainly life but iv got a lot planned for the year i want to go Into and Explore you’ll be seeing a lot more from me in the future on various topics..

Who is Funding and Fueling ISIS?
Is there a large Conspiracy (plot)
to destabilize the middle east as much as possible to allow for regime change? Do the Elite have an Agenda?
Wait isn’t that Exactly What General Wesley Clark said years prior After 911?
Did Governments go too far and allow for the creation of a Monster they lost control of? Is ISIS a Mixture of Propaganda and Real Militants?
Are certain governments like Turkey being exposed for collusion with these terrorist?
Are journalist like Serena Shim being murdered for attempting to expose this criminal act of Insanity?
With these Questions In Mind lets First Look back at a quote pre-ISIS by US General Wesley Clark.. that Completely exposes the Policy Coup that took place in washington DC and is still to this day taking place.. is there proof and evidence in our past that might show our potential future?


“Wars were planned 7 countries 5 years..”
~US General Wesley Clark.:

First to understand our present we have to go Back Before We Go Forward
Way back to 1932, There was Another Failed Coup of FDRs presidency warned by Another US Major General
Smedley Butler. It was a planned Bussiness Coup of America..
So why Am i bringing this Up? Its not to say this is connected to the other in some Vast weaved  Conspiracy.. the people who previously attempted the coup in 1932 would be Dead or Dying by now.. its to show the Reader that Coups Have Been Attempted in the Past Power Corrupts its Like a Drug and Once you Have some you Always want more.. its never Enough..
In this case Some people in Washington felt they would destabilize the Middle East and Why? Well in US General Wesley Clarks own words..
“I guess they felt we have a large military and nothing better to do.”

Nothing better to do then Invade Iraq displace families etc. All over fake stories of weapons of mass destruction Of which the Iraq Dosier report from Downing Street was Fraudulent in the First Place.. yet we still invaded Iraq then we followed forward with Libya and over threw Gaddafi Exactly like General Wesley Clark said.. coincidence or pre-meditated conspiracy?

Gaddafi’s Plan For A Middle Eastern Gold backed Currency the Dinar:

Gaddafi Planned Gold Dinar, Now Under Attack


Iraq Dosier Based Off Of Recycled Copy pasted Academic Papers NOT Intelligence..:

Where’s those Weapons of Mass Destruction eh Curious George?:

Well i guess this quote from Hennry kissinger says it all about how he personally feels about our Military.


In Other Words the Military are Just Pawns Men and Women are just commanded to Die and Why? Over Guarding Oil fields for Corporations and Invading someone Elses home for geopolitical reasons.. Senseless Violence just for the hell of it..

Soldier Video Testimony about Iraq/Afghanistan:

General Smedley Butler War is a Racket:


What would you do if someone invaded ur home? You would fight back.. thats what these people were doing.. and
Enter in Alqueda and Daesh to take advantage of the situation. we bomb them they suicide bomb us it’s an endless cycle of blood.. not to mention we blamed muslims for 911 not radical individuals but muslims but guess what? Most of the hijackers were Saudi Nationals.. 911 was a Joint Israeli and Saudi Falseflag Operation the 28 censored pages of the 911 commission report reveal that the Saudi Royals are Implicated in the Funding.. and Various other things wrong with the official story of 911..
when will this come out? Very Soon but thats unrelated not to go too far off subject.. but.. the evidence is mounting up check out My Previous Blog Post on 911..:


Where we see both these entitys Alqueda and Isis
as Terrorist Organizations.
Some people in Afghanistan iraq and Syria are encouraged to join
these groups due to our Foreign Policy “mistakes” in Iraq and else where years before.. because they see these Organizations as their Only Hope for Freedom sad but true.. not to mention we betrayed the Taliban its by our own doing its the Isolation we push and every drone bomb that kills an innocent persons family member creates a potential terrorist who seeks revenge for their dead family member. Its the law of the jungle..

How is that so hard to grasp? its Psychology.. mix that in with brainwashing of the individual and it all makes sense.. honestly we should have never poked our heads in the middle east..

Not only Did we Create the Ideology for ISiS but then we funded them through giving material support to people we were told were moderate rebels. Which had connections to Al-Nusra in Syria.
Whom then backstabbed us and handed over all the shiny new toys to Isis However was a broader agenda at foot by the Elite of the World was this all planned?
Has it always been about destabilizing the Middle East? Of course its always about regime change..
from the very beginning its Been About Destabilization of the Middle East starting first with Operation Cyclone Iran-Contra and then
funding the Mujahideen Against the Russians in the Cold War and Encouraging their conquest.. telling them.

“God Is On Ur Side that Land over there is yours you’ll have ur homes and ur mosque back Again because ur cause is right.”
~Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Brzezinski Taliban Pakistan Afghanistan pep talk 1979:

Now before going forward im Not Bashing Muslims im Bashing Extremism which could be in any religion or non religion this article just so happens to be about Muslim Extremism and More Directly Who Funded ISIS.. i write this for every Journalist in Turkey thats Been Murdered because to tell the truth or report a story shouldn’t be the cost of ur life. Journalism is now a dangerous profession our world has become George Orwells nightmare. I write this for Serena Shim for Judith Poe because i can’t fathom what its like to lose a Daughter to a Murderous Regime who’s Enemy are Journalist and Journalism. When the press is the enemy its time to rethink ur governments allegiance..
a Year ago she came to me for help on Spreading her Daughters Story and Murder.
We talk about Charlie Hebdo and the Cartoon Writers who were Murdered by ISIS and i have my own problems with this story but for argument sake ill side with the official narrative..
but iv barely heard about the Journalist Who have been murdered in Turkey..
So Rest in Peace Let the Truth Be Known let the fearless tell the stories the cowards won’t dare touch.. in times of universal deceit to tell the truth becomes a revolutionary act..
Its Dangerous when ur right and the governments wrong..



Even in the US the Crack down on Journalist is staggering and Scary:

Now Lets Take a Look at Some Documents sent to Judicial Watch by Pentagon Whistleblowers Regarding the deliberate funding of the FSA to overthrow Assad which is known to be rooted with Alqueda Affiliation:

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad:

Ex-US Intelligence Officials Confirm: Secret Pentagon Report Proves US Complicity In Creation Of ISIS:

This is basically a means for a Charge of Treason giving Terrorist Material Support and Aid If you or I did this we would be locked in prison for a very long time..
Now they are coming to Our Own shores.. the people in Congress who voted to fund the rebels in syria should be held accountable impeached and jailed..

And a Very Good Video by StormCloudsGathering.. detailing this and more.. :

Next lets dive deeper into the multiple attempts to invade Syria and the now admitted chemical weapons falseflag to attempt to invade the middle east is it all for oil or is it something more like land Conquest Geopolitics?

Crisis Actors in Syria used by the BBC:

Crisis Actors in Syria:

Crisis Actors in Syria by CNN:

CNN With Other Western Media Used Fake News Source For Years To Destroy Secular Syria:

Also One More Quote History of the US Funding the Mujahideen Admitted by Presidential Criminal Sorry i meant Candidate Hillary Clinton just to let it all sink in..:

In the Next Section Well Look at the Financing:

Are Account holders using offshore Banks to Fund Terrorism?


Western Banks, Terrorism and Isis: The Nihilism of Dark Finance Fuelling Global Insecurity:

Arab Bank settles US case over ‘terrorism funding’:

Suit Accuses Banks of Role in Financing Terror Attacks:

HSBC Helped Terrorists, Iran, Mexican Drug Cartels Launder Money, Senate Report Says:

Too Big to Jail: Big Banks Can Finance Terrorists and Walk Away Scot-Free:

Report: HSBC allowed money laundering that likely funded terror, drugs:

Civil Suits Against International Banks Alleged to Have Funded Terrorist Activities:

HSBC Gets Small Fine For Terrorist Transactions:

Military Whistleblower Scott Bennett 19,000 offshore swiss banks funding terrorism:

Terrorism funding just one thing big banks are getting away with – whistleblower Everett Stern:

HSBC Whistleblower: Banks Are Financing Terrorism:


Its Abudantly Pretty Clear Banks need to be regulated better to prevent this more importantly offshore accounts need to be watched not everyone in the CIA is responsible secretly funding the “Moderate Rebels” in Syria but it did happen as far as i know from a Military source this funding has since stopped completely.. as Operations in Syria are being reviewed and its been ruled that majority of these rebels can’t be trusted and are/were not ever moderate rebels at all..

Next Lets Look At
Turkeys oil Connection, funding connection and the Murders of Several Journalist coincidence or Assassination?:

New Evidence Reveals Turkish Government Is Directly Funding ISIS

Also Another informative well written Zero hedge Article by Tyler Durden who’ve iv had the pleasure to meet on Twitter (@LordTylerDurden)

Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President:

Turkey and Saudi Arabia alarm the West by backing Islamist extremists the Americans had bombed in Syria:

Senior Western official: Links between Turkey and ISIS are now ‘undeniable’:

Isis: Israel accuses Turkey of funding Daesh for oil and failing to fighting terrorism:

BREAKING: Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members:

Retired US Army Major General: Turkey Buys ISIS Oil, “Turkish Government to Blame for Terrorist Funding”:

Israeli General Arrested Commanding Isis arrested in iraq:

Updated: Israeli General Captured in Iraq Confesses to Israel-Isis Coalition

Isis commander in Pakistan ‘claims Islamic State funding routed through the US’:

Jihadist links? UN probes Boss of oil firm chaired by ex-Tory leader Michael Howard:


The Murdered Journalist..:



Serena Shim (American Journalist who died in a Car Crash Hey Like Michael Hastings!):

VIDEO: Journalist Dies In Mysterious Crash, Shortly After Being Accused Of Spying By Turkey

Naji Jerf (Assassinated):
Syrian Journalist Who Exposed ISIS Atrocities is Shot Dead in Turkey

Jacqueline Sutton (found hung in a airports bathroom):

For More Information on Serena Shim See #OpSerenaShim an #Anonymous Operation and follow @OpSerenaShim on Twitter..

Proof Cars Can Be Hacked..:

From Several Hackers Iv Known over the Years there is No Security there is always a way around or through security.

Back to an Earlier Question Do the Elite have an Agenda in the Middle East did they slip up is there proof they will stop at nothing to invade the middle east?
Did Putin and Russis checkmate the Elite in the Middle East?

Now lets take a look at my own personal experience..
Ill Never forget in 2012 when i first started to do intel I was handed leaked emails by a hacker claiming to discuss staging a chemical weapons falseflag in syria then it happened.. this information then was made public on various blogs and news sites even Dailymail.co.uk had an Article on it.. whats interesting about that email is that Turkey was named in it as an accomplice so was Ukraine..




Now i could write a whole speal about the Ukraine and the corrupt politics that took place there instead ill just leave two videos one Discussing a Planned Coup prior to Maidan and the Other confirming the Coup Victoria Nulands Famous Fuck the EU line..:

MUST WATCH: Nov 2013 (pre-Maidan!): Ukraine Deputy has proof of USA staging civil war in Ukraine:

While investigating the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Snipers shot at the UN Investigators:

Onto the next Question..
Is there an Alliance of Good People in the Pentagon, Intelligence Agencies and the military who see through all the lies and bull shit who will no longer put up with it all secretly working against these Elite and their war mongering interest?

Pentagon discreetly provided Russia with US special forces’ location in Syria:

Pentagon Helped Russia Help Assad:

However its Interesting to Note and A Fact..
The Last time the Military Stood Up to the Elites Plans of Invasion of Syria the Navy Yard shooting happened..





So Why Do I write this about the Navy yard? Documentable proof if another Attack Against the Military Happens
and if u think thats a coincidence.. let me tell u this? What was this mans motive? Insanity? Ok fair enough but its
a Fact Alexis even carved in his Gun “My ELF Weapon.” So if Insanity is a reason maybe he wanted to send us on a wild duck chase or maybe he was coherent enough to carve ELF an Acronym for Electronic Low Frequency?
Why Attack a navy yard of all places? The official story is he was recently employed there.

Officials: Navy Yard shooter carved odd messages into his gun before carnage:

Another Coincidence?

Here one more he claimed to hear voices and frequencies.. MKUltra Victim? (If you want to read more on the very real Mkultra program done by the CIA in 60s-90s there is a short summary on this on my blog otherwise google it its too broad a topic to go into now.)

Now even if Direct Energy Weapons (Microwave weapons)
Didn’t exist that could cause frequencies beamed into the brain of the victim there is a drug called scoplamine that can create an Assassin so from the position of a skeptic if a Drug can Alter a persons behavior and mind why couldn’t the same affect be achieved through frequency, technology & Science? (More on Direct Energy Weapons On My Blog including Documents):

The most dangerous drug in the world: ‘Devil’s Breath’ chemical from Colombia can block free will, wipe memory and even kill:

Of course they come out and say hes delusional which is the problem with compartmentalization and investigation
But ill give the FBI a break since this is some hard to believe stuff:

But briefly staying on the topic of Geopolitics well explore another incident a fake campaign a year prior in 2012 to invade uganda..
Kony2012 which is near one of the countries Somalia General Wesley Clark Warned was a Target Years Prior..
The Film was Exposed by Ugandans and others as a Fraud and
Founder Jason Russell ended up front page of Tabloid magazine TMZ naked going insane jumping on a car masturbating in public..
Damn these coincidences.. eh?

Jason Russell Kony2012 TMZ:


One more “Coincidence” thats Unrelated..
Well if its unrelated AK how is it comparable? Because it involves an Attack Against the Military too..
A lot of People don’t realize these Blatant Attacks against the Military and Establishment our leadership they turn a blind eye when it happens they would rather rule it a conspiracy by a lone gunman.. and then attack any other alternative thoughts on the matter and be done with it TYPE IN CAPS LIEK DIS AND CALL U CRAZY NUTJOB CONSPIRACY THEORIST Y U QUESTION GUBERMENT AND MEDIA WACKO?
Kick back and turn on the tv and blare out the information no matter how credible or obvious something isn’t right.. even if from someone whos respected in the Military themselves questioning the official narrative of a lone gunman or Crazed Right Wing individual.. who pulls off the most sophisticated plots by themselves right..
but the Golden Road of Eldorado the Holy grail..
was there all along folks..

But First a Message from Our Sponsors.. (Commercial Break)
Did you know the CIA themselves created the term Conspiracy Theorist to debunk Any Alternative theories on JFKs Assassination and the Warren Commission report? Its true..


Well the More you know..
Now back to the show..

Well A Funny Disturbing thing Happened 2 days before the Bombing of the Oklahoma City Building on April 17th 1995 a Military Lear Jet Carrying 8 US Generals and Admirals “Crashed”:

“Among the dead were Clark G. Fiester, assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, and his military assistant, Col. Jack Clark II; Maj. Gen. Glenn A Profitt II, director of plans and operations, Air Education and Training Command, Randolph AFB, Texas; Maj. Hubert B. Fisher, who was assigned to the Pentagon; Capt. Paul Carey, instructor pilot; and 1st Lt. Paul M. Bowers, aircraft commander.

Also killed were retired Air Force Maj. James K. Horne; and a U.S. Army sergeant, both space available passengers. Army officials have not released the soldier’s name pending notification of next of kin.”

Wow Much Coincidence Really Conspiracy!
Now.. Tell me Did Timothy McVeigh Murder these Generals and Admirals too or is it another coincidence in a long list of coincidences of Attacks Against our Military? From 911 the Missile that hit the Pentagon’s Budget Office and the Blatant Demolition of Three World trade Towers with the cover 2 Alluminum planes knocked down two Steel skyscrapers perfectly straight down at free fall speed in New York City to the Jet that crashed 2 days prior to Oklahoma City bombing to the Navy Shooting.. that happened after the Military had a campaign to stand up Against invading syria its Happened too many times now..

Also Are u aware there is a Policy Against Multiple People With Top High Level Clearances Flyng together on the Same Plane?
What were these Generals About to do? An old intel blog prior to their crashing claims they were about to Fly to Arrest President Bill Clinton for Treason:

Who is Skolnick is he credible?
Skolnick received data on PROMIS and Carnivore and wrote about it:

Perhaps the Most Explosive Evidence  (No pun Intended) is a News Article on the Matter suggesting there were charges set in the OKC building.. now unless u have keys to the building u aren’t breaking in a Federal Building and placing charges with everyone watching.. oh yes why hello im here to bomb ur building please don’t look at the wires and c4 im setting its nothing.. K thnx bai.. just No it doesn’t happen like that, that in itself is Insanity.. LOL.

A USAF Brig General Brenton K. Partin
collaborates this Narrative by saying its Impossible Fertilizer Bombs Did that to the building.. it wouldn’t have caused that damage that damage was caused from the inside out not from the outside in a truck couldn’t possibly have caused that:

Brig General Brenton K. Partin lecture:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Longer Documentary:

EX FBI Ted Gunderson on OKC:

Did the FBI Bury Oklahoma City Bombing Evidence?:


The Multiple Explosives Found in the Building:







Oh and a Police Investigator investigating OKC
Turned Up Dead in his Squad car in the middle of a Corn maze with his Wrist Slit..:

No seriously u can’t make this up well i supposed i could but im sourcing everything for a Reason..

Hey more Slit Wrist Journalist Danny Casolaro im looking at you!
I guess its Better then finding him in his Bathtub of blood eh or hung with Piano Wire Like Phil Schneider was found or Shot 9 times in the Head with a Nailgun like that Banker lol..

All dark humor Aside.. by now in ur life i think its pretty obvious u realize there is murder and mass murder People can be pure Evil..  i don’t have to baby you, you can handle that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus isn’t real.. i live by these rules and so do many licensed detectives treat every death as a homicide until proven otherwise if something looks odd its probably foul play..
obviously foul play isn’t always the case but
It does happen and some cases are ignored some of the most unbelievable shocking cases are ruled suicides never investigated any further.. even if there is conflicting evidence or suspicion to suggest otherwise..

In my Opinion and my US General Sources Opinion,
the Navy Yard shooting and its Not the first there are many others..
was a Blatant Attack Against Not only the Military itself but People in the Military refusing and fighting back Against the War Mongering Elite Mafia that has infiltrated our Governments Power Structure.. ruthless criminal gangsters.. who will stop at nothing for their ultimate goal of a New World Order.. A Dystopia Orwellian Society.. Ruled Under a One World Government..
Now suppose for a Moment that a Global ruthless Conspiracy exist like JFK, Larry P. Mcdonald and Senator Wellstone Warned (Spoiler they are All Dead) and Suppose they will use subversion and covert tactics and Guerrilla Warfare Suppose as Eisenhower warned the expanding military industrial complex is a threat?
Now suppose this Ruthless Conspiracy uses the Chaos of Isis as a scapegoat to blame an Attack done on the military or America itself and it wasn’t isis but was paid Mercenaries..
who have little idea or don’t care why they are doing what they are doing as long as they get paid? Compartmentalized..

this Attack is then
Revered by Isis and further Attacks happen because of the domino effect chain reaction of lighting a flame to the Match..
This is what we are up Against.. this is Also what happens in a sense when Fake Terrorist Propaganda is Allowed to be Produced and this has already been allowed to happen.. with at least one fake beheading video that was produced in a studio found by a group of hackers leaked from a Mccain Staffers Laptop.. oops:

Staged ISIS Beheading Video Hacked from McCain Staffer

However the Cabals once loyal henchman are No Longer obeying Orders.. and the Excuse “I was just following orders” wasn’t an Excuse in Nuremberg and it won’t be one now..
Any Treasonous actions against the American People and they will be held responsible.. and Accountable
No one wants to be apart of this fraud and Murder anymore called War..
No one wants to be the Military officer that stood by and watched sitting back as a Fraudulent Atrocity or Edged on Agression caused the Deaths of thousands of Innocent People or Worse a proposed Falseflag Attack Against the Civilian Population in the name of Geopolitical Goals.
For the profit of a few and the suffering of many.. No One wants that weight on their Shoulders..
A Conscious Shift an Awakening of Humanity is Happening that Mind set is gone and Never Again will people in the Military be Compartmentalized enough to Covertly Carry out a Falseflag Attack Against their Own Citizens to invade Another Country like Proposed Operation northwoods or be tricked into another country by an Event like 911
those Days are Over. We Have Hope..


So why Talk About the Navy Yard Shooting and how is it connected to Isis? Because it was the Last Attempt of getting into Syria then
A Group Seemingly rised out of no where almost as if over night..
ISIS.. They Had some Shiny New Toyota Trucks and Weaponry and was Capturing Towns in Syria and Iraq Expanding its Influence.. with All that said we Now Have a Real Dangerous Enemy to worry about that is Not controlled by Any government as far as my knowledge goes we don’t need a Domestic Cabal mafia making things even worse but the motto is always Order out of Chaos Latin Ordo ab Chao.
Problem Reaction Solution.. As the Judicial Watch documents from the pentagon suggest we now have proof ISIS was created deliberately to overthrow Assad but that backfired or Did it?

So What have our Past Actions in Syria and elsewhere Proven?
Well its Proven These Decisions on Foreign Policy Shouldn’t Be entrusted to Elite “Leaders” they should be Made by the Common people that they eventually affect US.. We the People,
Iv Always Said it and Until the Day I die..
We vote for our leaders but we don’t have a say in their decisions and they don’t always represent our best interest they represent the lobbyist and corporations.. that pay them..
this needs to change as corporations are taking over the governments decisions the People Need to Fight back the time is Now.. to take our power back!
Whether our Next President in America is Bernie Sanders My Preferable Choice or Donald Trump.. Change is Coming and we are in very interesting times..  the New World Order is a Dead Dream to some Nightmare to others we’ve come along way..
But a President will not change the World for the Better that My Dear Brothers and Sisters is Up to you..
Its Our job we Either Sit Silently By Giving Consent or Make a Ruckus not going without a Fight..
All the Elites Secrets will come out one by one as the dam breaks and the levys give i have no doubt in the resilience and resistance of the human Spirit..
Whistleblowers are Around every Facet of Society..

Support the Military they are Our Last Defense left Against Tyranny.. they are a Strong ally..
to the Service Men and Women Remember ur Oaths to Fight Against Enemy’s Both Foreign and Domestic and If Ever Asked to Commit treasonous orders just remember that was the result of Nazi Germany.. Know that Im NOT ur Enemy I am Against the Enemy of Humanity the New World Order.

Here’s a Message From US
Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA – A Warning From History:

A recent quote from Ex US President Jimmy Carter.. US is an Oligarchy with unlimited Political Bribery:


“All that is Required for Tyranny to Gain a foothold is that Good men do Nothing.”
~Edmund Burke

Message to the New World Order Anonymous is in the Military Watching waiting for you to Slip Up We are Everywhere We Are Legion Expect us..:

VET SOLDIER says the Military is waking up to – FEMA camps and NDAA Reality!:

Not Related but yes these Dissidents Camps and Plans did exist the Documents below those Plans have Been canceled..:

AK Out.. its GameOver..
Peace & Love




John Lennon – Happy Xmas
(War Is Over):


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