AKs Massive Xmas Gift to the World Document Dump:


Last Year I dumped my entire 1TB Hard Drive Online thousands of Documents using various Hashtags on Twitter. This year i highlight everything i dumped and post it all in one place for easy access from Black Project documents to Falseflag Operations to the New World Order, HAARP, Free Energy Patents, Ufo files Etc. Its time to Bring the Elite Another Merry NWOXmas.. and repost everything i leaked last year and cause more chaos ordo ab chao mother fuckers!

Twas the night before xmas and all through the house the New World Order Elite were stiring but AK was About..
The Elite scurried shocked in Fear for they knew that NWOXmas would soon be here.. and that everyones hard drives would soon be packed with files for christmas cheer and a snack..










AK out.. Merry Xmas World Spread this.. #FreeAllTehInformation More transparency less cover ups..