The Many BIG Financial Moves Surrounding Tragic Events Done By The Cabal:


“Its time to press the reset button on planet Earth.” ~Schwab Davos 2013 WEF Founder:

Since the AIIB and BRICs Nation
Bank has launched we’ve seen an Overwhelming Amount of Tragedys surrounding Big Financial Moves Against the Cabal Controlled Western Currencies or Petro Currencies..
the USD, the Euro, and the British Pound.
Whether its Trains or Planes Crashing or Explosions the cabal have literally done it all to the countries in the East going against them quite blatantly must i add..
What im about to prove through several “coincidences” surrounding BIG financial moves may shock you.. none the less this Blackmail has been happening and must be grasped if its to be stopped from continuing..

In case you have been living under a rock there is an Economic Shifting of Power happening..
This has been displayed by various
Economic moves prepping up the Chinese Yuan, for World Reserve Status.. as the New World Reserve currency to replace the current USD. This was foreshadowed years Prior China said it would do this.. way back in 2012-2013..:

The IMF has even accepted the Yuan into its Currency Basket SDR (Special Drawing Rights.) Something i was told way back in July that would occur in October by a Source within my local Masonic lodge.. it hasn’t occurred yet but i feel it will..:

This was then delayed to November and Publicly announced:
IMF delaying adding Yuan to SDR currency basket:

Then the US Approved it..

IMF Ready to add Yuan to Currency Basket:

The Several Economic Moves by BRICs nations or Nations supporting Brics and the followed Tragedys they endured.. because of their Economic Decisions Against the Khazarian Mob who owns most Rothschild central banks..

First lets look at the Air Asia Maylasian plane Crash not to be confused with Maylasian Air Lines MH370. This was a Plane that vanished then was found to have crashed because of “poor weather.” Well something happened the following monday Financially that was Huge..

Air Asia Plane Crash:


China Extends Forwards, Swaps Trading to Three More Currencies The Maylasia Ringgit, Russian Rubble and the New Zealand Dollar:


Next we have the German AirWings plane that crashed in france where the officially story was the Pilot was suicidal but wait.. we have another coincidence.. Financially..
France, Germany, Italy to join China-led $50bn infrastructure bank:

Notice the words Germany and France Join China led Bank AIIB then notice where the plane crashed in France and it was a German plane..:


Next we have one of the most blatant coordinated attacks iv ever seen on countries.. the chinese explosions where i was literally left wondering to myself if china was going to completely blow up and sink into the ocean.. and if Russia was going to Explode since it had Multiple fires one of a financial building another of an oil rig..
Coincidentally enough another Big Financial Move..

China approves usage of ruble instead of US dollar for border city:

As well as China began dumping record amount of US Treasury Bonds:

China Sells Major Part of US Gov’t Bonds to Back Up Yuan:

And Then China’s week of Explosions.. and the Big One at Tianjin China’s New Financial District:

Proof Tianjin was in the process of being constructed as China’s new Financial district:

Then we have the Russian oil fire:
Moskva River in Russia’s capital set alight after oil spill:


Russian Bussiness Skyscraper on fire:
Moscow City International Business center:


The same week that China and Russia had Explosions a chemical plant in Texas Exploded its also significant considering Texas too did a Big Financial move a month back in July. where they opposed the Cabal owned central bank Institution specificially the Federal Reserve. By backing a new Texas bank by Gold. Something the USD hasn’t been backed by since 1973 when
We stopped the gold exchange standard..

Texas Launches Gold-backed Bank, Challenging Federal Reserve:

Texas Chemical Plant Explosion:


Then after these Attacks we witnessed
Wall Sts stocks plummet a historic 2,000+ points in two days and it seemed like we were heading for a full Global  Economic Collapse.. which i believe is still going to happen and we are walking on a thin tight rope..



Again something an Ex Wall St Banker Source Told Me and warned repeatedly about:

And Lasty in the Most Recent string of Tragedies we saw surrounding a Big Financial Move..

We saw a Russian Passenger Jet Crash in Sinai, Egypt and a Russian Cargo jet crash in Sudan Africa.. lastly the Murder of Putins Advisor and Russia Todays Founder Lesin where he turned up Dead in a Washington Hotel.. coincidentally enough another Huge Financial/Geopolitical Move was made against the cabal.. Lesins official cause of death was ruled a heart attack.. which we know previously means nothing anymore since back in the 1990s the church committee admitted the CIA had a heart attack gun.. which there is likely chemical concoctions that can cause heart attacks or ELF waves that can do the same by now..

An Update 6 Months Later..
Its Been Revealed Today Lesin Was Murdered and had Multiple Head Injuries the Original Official Story Was
He had a Heart Attack..
Which Previously We posted the Church Hearings Where they Came Out and Said there was a Heart Attack gun..
As i long suspected Murder and Cover Ups are a Reality.. Will this Be the Final Straw that Breaks the Cabals Back?

I Find it Unbelievable that a Russian Press Founder and Putins Advisor is Murdered the Same week a Civilian Jet Explodes in Sinai Egypt After Putins Bombing Campaign Against ISIS and Troops Sent to Help Assad Fight ISIS.. the Elites Vehicle for Chaos and war in the Middle East..

Lesin Multiple Head Injuries:


Russian Passenger Jet Crashes Along Israeli Border after Israel was involved in bombing Assad in Syria and playing cat and mouse chase game with Russian Fighter jet not even 24 hrs before.. coincidence? I don’t think so..:

ISIS doesn’t have the tech to bring down a Jet like that.. first isis claimed they brought it down with a rocket now they are claiming suicide bomber..
Where in i think the most logical based off how scattered the plane was and that there was a previous cat and mouse game is that it was shot down with a missile from a fighter jet.. as Benjamin Fulford has said.. which isn’t a stretch since the USS Liberty Event did happen previously..



Benjamin Fulford Update November 2nd:

The BIG Economic Moves Made:

Moscow Shanghai Exchanges Cooperation:

Russia to issue yuan bonds worth $1bn:

Russian Advisor to Putin and RT founder Found Dead in Hotel:

Russian Soviet Cargo Jet crashes:


A way to watch for these Attacks and Predict them is watching for Major Financial Moves a Shift of Power Against the Khazarian Mob in a country. Almost certainly unless they wise up and see we see this these attacks will continue until they are Completely Bankrupt..

All of this isn’t a far stretch since when the Alliance countries against the NWO launched the BRICs Bank events happened as well such as the Bridge “collapse” in Brazil and train crash in moscow keep in mind these happened days within each other.. im positive there are more examples but ill leave it there..

Launch of the Brics bank to commence business on the 7th of July:

Brazil Bridge Collapse:


Moscow Subway Train Derailment:


The BRICs bank and separare entity the AIIB are now fully launched..:

A day After this Post We’ve seen yet Another Cabal #Falseflag Attack of Blackmail..

Same week Obama Rejects KeystoneXL:
A Canadian oil tanker crashes in Wiwcon coincidence? NO!

Update 2:

Futher Update 3:
Since writing this blog post there have been several more Explosions in China still nothing as huge and major as Tiajinin and i doubt well ever see anything so massive again none the less more Explosions following Big Financial Moves this one Now setting up the Alternative system as China and Russia detach from the Gold market and create their own:

Also in history of cabal blackmail to a country we have the Oslo Norway Massacre where
It was said a far right lone wolf shot politicians kids at a camp and blew up government buildings.. all by himself right..motive? The documentary below speaks about this and many other things..:

This is Real and this is happening..
This can not and will not be ignored much longer.. Innocent people have been and are being hurt injured or killed currently in blackmail and have for quite sometime.. like the Oslo Shooting a Prime Example where an individual targeted Politicians and government buildings with no real reason given..
Also no questions asked on how he knew where to find the politicians kids at that camp?
More on Oslo and the Financial scandal surrounding that.. in this Russian documentary that Putins RENTV aired against the bankers and the NWO watch it with English subs on its a HUGE Explosive blow of Disclosure Against the Cabal..

Financial Tyranny the Documentary Series Aired in Russia Authorized by the Russian Government and Putin to Air on RENTV during Prime Time..:

Part 1:
Financial Tyranny:

Part 2:
The Cabals looming Defeat:

Regardless the cabal needs to realize that nothing they do will stop their inevitable demise.. your time is up..
The NWO cabal Khazarian Mafia Oligarhcy or whatever name you wish to give them..
They are Finished and No Matter How Many Attacks they Continue to Display Against Countries backing their demise the final result will be the same.
You are drastically losing power at a quickening rate get over it you rabid bunch of dogs you are no scarier then a chihuahua.. and you are showing your desperation its GameOver..



Two Documents Below on the Khazarian Mafia/Zionist Who Think They Run the World and Can do These Despicable Acts of Horror..

CIA Document:

Congressional Document:

Ill leave you with.. this its no longer considered a “Crack Pot Conspiracy Theory” When a World Renowned Investor is saying it and connecting the same dots i have and other researchers and Journalist have been..

The Astounding ‘Conspiracy Theories’ of Wall Street Genius Mark Gorton JFKs Death, 9/11 “the cabal want me dead”:

AK out.



2 thoughts on “The Many BIG Financial Moves Surrounding Tragic Events Done By The Cabal:

  1. I thought you were kind and wanted to help people. How could you align with @Israelsacg after he drove a young man to commit suicide and he’s making horrific claims that are untrue to harm innocent people. The Anon movement doesn’t destroy.


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