The Offical Story of 911 A Bigger Conspiracy Theory:

“I wanna Start and make it very clear in the beginning by Saying Im Not Anti-Government, i don’t believe in terrorism and i want to make it especially clear,
There are a lot of Good people in the FBI, the CIA, Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Military intelligence and the NSA.”
~Ted L. Gunderson.


Ill stand by teds words as i personally believe corruption is compartmentalized and that every official in a position of intelligence or office of power are not all corrupt. Responsibility lies rather in a few key top people and its time to punish them under the RICO Act. If you want to sum up 911 and don’t want to read here’s a great short quick educating and entertaining video:

Or one word. Treason.

Big thanks to James Corbett who inspired this post after i read his own report which i didn’t bother to rewrite his information instead ill add his report here.:

for you to read in addition because there is so much more to 911 iv probably personally forgotten somethings but i tried to compile everything i could remember. Which is quite a lot in itself..

If you wish to explore more.. way more then anyone to my knowledge has ever connected about 911 then continue reading..
To start, the Official Story of 911 is a Conspiracy Theory in Itself forget all those “theory’s” that a massive operation was perpetrated by a cabal of people within our own government to cover up Financial scandals and increase laws to be one step closer to a deemed “New World Order.”
No Instead a clown hidding in a cave, who had access to a plastic surgeon who’s facial structure seemingly changed over various videos..
Osama Binladen (Tim Osman) the Hero of the Taliban!
circumvented all of America’s Defense’s coincidentally on the day.
Our Nations Defenses were off doing a training exercise for a plane crashing into a building by commanding box cutting terrorist.. and we couldn’t find him for 10 yrs.. hide and seek champion..
No really thats the official story.. forget all the obvious signs of a plotted conspiracy to scare anyone from investigating and following the money.. what I am about to detail is the biggest heist in history hidden behind a smoke screen of terrorist Attack’s to cover up Anomalies within Financial data, and to cover up scandals and close the books on investigations.
911 is in fact one of the most sophisticated criminal “conspiracies” iv ever investigated next to Mena, Arkansas and the Promis Inslaw case. (More on that later.)



Tim Osman from Michael Ruppert:




Wait whats that the US funded Alqueda? Yes Hillary Even admitted this all to combat the soviet russians in the cold war we funded the Mujahideen:

And She said it Again during a Fox Interview:

So is it really an insane belief to think a compartmentalized sector in the US enabled and funded ISIS if we enabled the taliban years prior? Ill be writing a full post dedicated to this topic in memory of Serena Shim later.
Wait theres more! for now lets focus on 911 and Al-queda prepare for all the information you are about to learn is a dirty secret. All of this information Although very well documented was left out of the official Commission Report. Why? The rabbit hole gets very deep when investigating 911 there are many turns and twist a seeming pit of information and disinformation but when you sift through it all. You’ll learn a very shocking tantalizing truth. That a group within our own government had to have had a hand in the US’s worst terrorist Attack to date. Whether through direct support funding or direction there should be No Doubt in Anyones Mind after reading this article People Committed treason and murdered thousands of innocent people.

Its time to jump down the rabbit hole.
But first lets take a step back in time hop in our Delorean and go back to the year 1993.

“Most forget the WTC was attacked before.. and neglect the fact that the FBI itself helped push the plot along by choosing to give Emad Salem and Perpetrators real bombing material and endangered innocents killed 6 injured 1,000s for the purpose of an intelligence mission, capturing “terrorist.” While playing the terrorist themselves..
Then when caught tried to punish its informant and put all blame on Emad Salem’s shoulders.”
~Ted L. Gunderson Ex FBI LA Director Under J. Edgar Hoover.

“Were gonna use a dummby bomb right?
No we’re gonna use a real bomb.”
~Emad Salem FBI transcript.

Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.:

Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast:


FBI acknowledgement of 1993 World Trade Bombing:

Ted Gunderson Speaks:


As Ted L. Gunderson makes the accusation WTC 1993 was allowed to happen to allow the passing of anti-terrorism legislation but not enough people died so yrs later we had the OKC bombing and then the the Anti-terrorism legislation passed. Going off topic though lets focus on 911 as ill be writing a full Exposure of the OKC bombing in a later post that will blow the official story clear out of the water including murdered first responding police officers Terrance Yeakey, and Gordon Martin one of whom Terrance was found dead in his squad car in a field with his wrist and neck slit and they called this a “suicide.” Just like Danny Casolaros murder:

Oh and a more recent banker who had his throat slit, the slitting of the throat is not only so you hit a major artery the carotid artery but Also is a symbol sending a message to anyone who thinks of speaking that they will suffer the same fate.:

This technique is/was used by the Mafia if you didn’t die you were living with a scar that would remind you don’t open up that mouth and you learned your lesson..

Another Instance of the throat being slit a bizzare story of when the CNBC writer published the One Trillion Dollar Lawsuit then had his kids murdered by a “Nanny” who then slit her own throat trying to kill herself”:

Anyway ill be writimg a detailed post on the banker “suicides” later but back to 911.. and while on the subject of Ted L. Gunderson lets look at a letter Gunderson helped convicted felon Michael Riconsiuto send prior to 911. Michael Who was involved in the PROMIS inslaw case as a witness was setup and arrested for making meth. (More on Promis in a later post.) For now lets look at Michael Riconsiuto’s warnings before 911 about
a terror attack from December 1999:





Then Again  feb 2001 more Warnings Months Prior signed by EX-FBI Ted Gunderson sent to Collin Powell:



This completely destorys the story the government didn’t have any foreknowledge about the attacks these documents and both whistleblowers Sibel Edmonds and Susan lindauer confirm without reason of a doubt the government was told prior more on them later back to Michael Riconsiuto..

Michael spoke with Ex FBI Agent and Head of World Trade Center Security on 911 John “O” Neil who died in the sept 11 Attacks:

Who was John O Neil?:

John O Neil kept investigating the earlier World Trade 1993 bombing Attacks.

The “coincidences” before 911 are plentiful and this is literally just scratching the surface.. of WTF?!:

A few months prior to 911 a pilot show aired called the Lone gunman.:

Which Predcted 911 down to the very T.  Planes crashing into the WTC. But what’s weirder is the plot involves a government backed plot to do so in the show.:


Although Not the only media that predicts 911.. its the most relevant rather then try to explain subliminals and predictive programming which can be a whole article in its own and go into the occult. I figured i would keep it simple and stick to whats physically provable and documented though if your curious look up “911 in hollywood” there are hundreds of Examples some are stretching it others are dumb foundingly obvious heres another example before
We move on.. i might write something on predictive programming later.. however ill leave you with this question for now is it really insane to believe power elite send messages through media as a medium? (Thats a discussion left for another post.)


Lets quickly analyze this simpsons reference wtf $9 11 coincidence? It could be however why put $9 on this cover what is this symbolizing? Papers aren’t  $9 this picture looks a bit peculiar eh?

William Coopers warning a lot don’t know but William Cooper predicted 911 months prior and said it would be blamed on Bin Laden and don’t you dare believe it!:

William Cooper was then murdered after an IRS raid of his home a month after 911.

Ptech, Able danger, the Visa’s Sold to terrorist and Care International:

So what is Ptech?
Ptech (now Go Agile) was the company that supplied the enterprise architecture software for most of the federal government and its military agencies. This included the Whitehouse, Secret Service, Air Force and FAA. This software is able to analyze the critical data throughout an enterprise in real-time. For federal aviation, the most critical data of all lies on FAA radar screens. (Software is involved just like the PROMIS case.) Interesting..

May, 11th, 2005 four years After 911 happened..
Mubayyid Customer Service of Ptech was arrested for making false statements and conspiring to defraud the US by misrepresenting Care International’s activities, which involved “the solicitation and expenditure of funds to support and promote the mujahideen and jihad, including the distribution of pro-jihad publications.”:

What was Able Danger?
Mohammed Atta one of the suspected hijackers..
Here is where things get very deep
Into the black world of undercover black operations..

Pentagon operation, known as “Able Danger,” was also tracking and monitoring al-Qaeda. Using advanced computer “data mining” capabilities, the Able Danger team reportedly identified Mohammed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, Khalid al-Midhar, and Nawaf al-Hazmi as members of an al-Qaeda cell code-named “Brooklyn” because of its connections to New York City.

Able Danger had identified five al-Qaeda cells, including two of the three cells that ultimately would be used to pull off the 9/11 terror attacks. Lt. Col. Schaffer set up one Able Danger/FBI meeting in the fall of 2000. It was canceled — as were all other efforts to inform the FBI — per orders from higher-ups in the Department of Defense.
Able Danger was shut down.
What if Tenet had not pushed Congress to shut down the military’s long-term asset with connections inside al-Qaeda? What if the CIA had worked with, instead of against, the military? We will never know.

Military Lt. Col Schaffer On Able danger:
9/11 Could Have Been Prevented:

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, Mr. Curt Weldon and Able Danger at the U.S. Congress.”:

9/11 Hijackers were CIA Agents according to VISA Supervizor Michael Springman:

FBI Agent Wright and John Vincent told to back off investigation of the saudi Binladens Alqueda links yrs prior to 911:

So we have multiple times investigations seeminly stopped on these individuals and one instance where a Visa Supervisor was demanded to give terrorist a visa to enter the country why? Its almost as if this was allowed to happen..

The found invincible passports of hijackers in the rubble is the equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack!:

Report 9 Suspected Hijackers found Alive:

BBC News – Former FBI agent says truth of 911 remains hidden:

Sibel Edmonds Story:
Kill the Messenger:

Sibel says:

“Deliso: You think they [the government] know who they are, the top guys, and where?

Sibel: Oh yeah, they know.

Deliso: So why don’t they get them?

Sibel: It’s like I told you before — this would upset “certain foreign relations.” But it would also expose certain of our elected officials, who have significant connections with high-level drugs- and weapons-smuggling — and thus with the criminal underground, even with the terrorists themselves.”

Susan lindauer:
Extreme Prejudice – CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer PDX 911Truth:

Project for a New American Century and
The New Pearl Harbor Document:

“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Then 911 happened the New Pearl Harbor.

Now that we got some background before 911 lets get into the meat, bones and potatoes of 911’s Official conspiracy theory..
Before 911 a lot of people know or remember Donald Rumsfeld Announcing 2.3 Trillion Dollars was missing (more on that later.)
but what a lot of people forget is the
vast scandal that encompassed the US called Enron before that. After 911 3,000 – 4,000 some documents on Enron went up in smoke and so did the investigation against Enron when World Trade 7 fell down the third tower that was not hit by any planes. Enron was housed on the
11th to 13th floors:


Not only was WTC7 not hit by any planes but the BBC reported Prior that WTC7 fell 20 minutes before it actually happened like a controlled demolition. due to being weakened.. are you serious?:


What was in WTC7?:


But wait there is so much more..:

The power outage the sunday before 911 with unknown men inside the building:


Both Employees Garry Corbett and Scott forbes worked for Fiduciary Trust Company International.

Power Downs, Evacuations, Strange Events in Weeks Before 9/11:

The Black Eagle Trust Fund Aka Project Hammer from The cold war coincidentally ended on Sept 12th 2001:

for the first time in U.S. history, invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) easing regulatory restrictions for clearing and settling security trades for the next 15 days. These changes would allow an estimated $240 billion in covert government securities to be cleared upon maturity without the standard regulatory controls around identification of ownership.” ~E.P. Heidner:

The covert securities used to accomplish the national security objective of ending the Cold War ended up in the vaults of the brokers in the World Trade Center, and were destroyed on September 11, 2001.  They came due for settlement and clearing on September 12. The federal Agency investigating these bonds – The Office of Naval Intelligence – was in the section of the Pentagon that was destroyed on 9/11.

To this key group of senior National Security officials called the Vulcans, who had participated in the victory of the economic cold war in 1991, the WTC, the Pentagon, the four airliners and their occupants would became ‘collateral’ damage in the ending of the Cold War. Their deaths were required to hide the existence of the Black Eagle Trust, and the covert activities it had funded for over 50 years. The destruction of these lives and buildings constituted a cover-up of continued lawlessness by a fraternity or brotherhood of businessmen and criminals often referred to as ‘the Enterprise’ in the 1980s, though it has remained in the shadows since.

Stolen Gold:

2015 NEW Loose Change 3rd Edition! MUST SEE! 9/11 Truth:

There was documented high frequency insider trading by german security firm comex after recovering hard drives from the wtc before the attacks proving all of the above:


“Richard Wagner, a data retrieval expert at the company, said illegal transfers of more than $100 million might have been made immediately before and during the disaster.”

It doesn’t end there..

The odd Passenger list of Flight 77 was this plane made up? Did a missile really hit the pentagon?:

A missile hit the financial office of the Pentagon investigating the 2.3 Missing trillion is it a coincidence 35 Accountants, Book keepers etc died? What a well placed precise Attack..:

“An office of the Army that had just re-occupied the Pentagon’s recently renovated Wedge One, named Resource Services Washington, lost 34 of its 45 employees. Most were civilian accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts. 3   Defense Secretary Rumsfeld had announced on the eve of the attack that more than $2 trillion was missing from the Pentagon.”


9-11: Missile at the Pentagon:

Leaked Missile Video:

911 Entire Pentagon Footage with missile impact never shown to public video 2:

9/11 : Pentagon Was Hit by a Cruise Missile – Proof!:

Pentagon whistleblower:



911 Commissioner freudian Slip Missile hit the pentagon Oops..

9 11 Commissioner slips up, says missile hit Pentagon:

Donald Rumsfeld a Missile Hit the Pentagon:

Veterans Today Gordon Duff on the Missile:

Jesse Ventura BANNED “Conspiracy Theory” Episode the pentagon:

The Several missing CEOs that day from WTC and
Larry Silverstein, the man who got rich off of tragedy who took out a terrorism insurance plan months Prior:

Operation northwoods the treasonous plot suggested by the US joint chiefs of staffs in the 60s to blame Cuba and go to war which suggested flying planes into buildings as an option and staging terrorist attacks..:


Creepy.. The Bush 9-11 Classroom Ritual, The ‘KIDS’ Recite: KITE, KIT, STEEL, PLANE*, MUST.:

Bush lies saying he saw the first plane:

BUSH SLIPS UP – Bush Admits Explosives Used at World Trade Center 9/11 (Long Version):

Who funded these heinous Attacks against innocent people?
The Saudis and Israelis Khazarians and Zionist not the countrys people. The Group Responsible for 911 is the New World Order the Shadow government that many Ex Presidents Public officials and Military warned us about. Spoken about in the very first article on this blog. These People Must be brought to Justice and stopped or we risk another 911 and more mass murders of innocent people.

Jailed Al-qaeda Operative Saudi Royals funded 911:

Saudis Complicit in 911 senator Says declassify the Pages of the commission report:

LaRouche: U.S. Officials Criminally Complicit In 9/11 Saudi-British Terror Network:

Exactly what Sibel Edmonds said prior?

More Goodies and WTFs!?:

Saudi King Mossad did 911:

Bin Laden aircraft goes down crashes:

Bin Laden plane crash: aircraft went down in near perfect conditions:

Issued 6 warnings before crashing:

Day before 911 anniversary  2015 on 9/10 Double Rainbow is seen across where the wtc used to be.:


Day of 911 2015:
Bin laden crane collapses at Mecca:

Is this A sign the truth wants to come out from “god” the universe, source whatever you would like to give a name to our creator?

911 Van filled with Explosives on the George Washington  bridge:

Mossad connection:

The 5 dancing israelis sent to document 911:

Dancing Israelis Lie About Involvement in 9-11:

Israeli Espionage – Part 1 of 4:

Israeli Espionage – Part 2 of 4:

Israeli Espionage – Part 3 of 4:

Israeli Espionage – Part 4 of 4:

NJ Policeman 5 arrested dancing israelis were mossad Agents:

9/11/01: FBI Issues A Nationwide APB For A White Van With Urban Moving Systems On The Back:

9/11 Second Van Stopped In New Jersey, Three People Arrested:

9/11 Vans: ‘Splain This!:

9/11 one of Several Mossad Vans with Painted 911 Murals police radio transmission:

With the Painted mural of twin towers being crashed into with an airplane how blatant?:



Were these Men involved in a
Sayeret Yahalom demolition team?
Why were they deported home back to Israel why did Urban moving Systems owner immediately close up shop and leave behind furniture in a rush to get back to Israel?

One more to raise your eye brow Urban Moving Systems israeli mossad front company received $498,750.00 of our federal tax money:

Our scattered Defenses off doing a drill not one drill but 47?

This is just icing on the cake!:

If all this wasn’t enough.. one more thing jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams..
And Explosions described by fire fighters:

Okay thats enough.. yes i left out shanksville PA’s plane because i mean common a plane’s debris wasn’t found there it didn’t happen.. yet a red bandana and passport were? Get the fuck out..
All of these questions presented in this article need to be answered in front of a judge and a jury.. and a reinvestigation needs to be opened up into 911 as (x) said “investigate 911 It was perpetrated by people within our own government..”
9/11 Truther Hijacks Super Bowl Press Conference:


Its time for 911 truth  there are pilots there are Architects and Engineers that don’t believe the official story.:

One Last thing ex CIA Alqaeda doesn’t Exist:

Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist HD – Full Length – Unique Version:

Case closed.. if all this doesn’t add up to you it shouldn’t..
In order for all these “coincidences” to happen it would have required sophisticated planning and high level treason and compartmentalization. Someone or Group wanted 911 to happen that becomes abundantly obvious..
Buildings don’t just fall, gold doesn’t just go missing and offices don’t just get hit during investigations, our nations defenses aren’t just coincidentally scattered during the biggest attack on American soil.  these are moves to deter anyone from any investigation of such criminalities.. coincidences only happen once or twice when you have a repeat pattern of four or five times things start to add up that what we are looking at is a criminal conspiracy not to be confused with a conspiracy theory. Justice for the Victims and their families.. this isn’t entirely crazy since the Operation Northwoods plot stopped by JFK did exist just imagine if that followed through..
heads up eyes open stay vigilant and cabal..

Were Watching you..


AK out.

Ill leave you with this Bill O Reily Attacks 911 Victim “Conspiracy theorist” who just lost his father:




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