Propaganda Red herrings in the Media and Falseflag Operations:

Iv decided to not post the SSP (Secret Space Program), HAARP, Suppressed technology, and Direct Energy Weapons blog post yet.. im acquiring and archiving as much documents as possible..
that will be a lengthy post..

First i want to post a little bit about an old Operation called MockingBird.
Which we looked at a bit previously but ill expand more here..
So What the Fuck Is Project MockingBird?
Well MockingBird is an Old CIA propaganda disinformation campaign to spread misinformation to the American public. The CIA head at the time quoted saying.

“Well know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American Public believes is false.”
~William Casey


For this reason Congress enacted whats known as the Smith-Mundit Act in 1948 Essentially blocking the CIA from putting out propaganda and using it against the public.
Under the NDAA the Smith-Mundit Act is now null and void..:

The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public:

What does that mean?

It means the US government can now use propaganda for manipulation of the American publics perception or opinion.
That just screams trouble.. using peoples emotions against them for Agendas the Elite See fit?

Fake hacks? **cough** “The Sony Hack”
Which anyone with a bit of computer knowledge would realize what they claimed was impossible. North Korea “hacked” Sony.. Yeah Right..
Considering North Korea’s Internet bandwidth is Slow as a snail..
It would have taken a few months to a year to complete a 1 tb data transfer.. which by then someone would have noticed the connection come on..

Next we have the ability to fake shootings.. or worse stage real shootings..
Now before you go calling me a crazy “Conspiracy Theorist” saying the government would never do such a thing! Im Patriotic Fuck You Love Murica.. I am American and i agree a whole government never would. As such a massive conspiracy would be insanity but a compartmentalized portion would and could very easily all it requires is a few people to know what is really going on and an oath of secrecy. Compartmentalize sectors and boom you got a fail proof method..
Re-read my Previous Post for Evidence and quotes of such by ex-presidents and government/Military officials.:

Branching off of that last post..
A group within the government suggested in the 1960s a falseflag operation called Operation Northwoods
to bomb American cities, shoot civilians and then blame cuba to go to war with cuba. It was drafted and guess who stopped it? JFK He said hell no this is treason.. fired two US joint chiefs of staff then was shot in the head in dallas..
if you don’t think the same corrupt element warned about by several ex US presidents and Officials killed Kenndy by now honestly your blind.. and a Moron..
Anyway going off topic well save the Kennedy Assassinations for later.
Yes thats plural because for anyone to not be suspicious of the other Kennedy deaths.
I got a bridge and its for sale i also have 6 homes and a timeshare want in? Anyway humor aside well save that investigation for Another Post.
Right now lets focus on the fact in 2012 the Smith Mundit Act was Repealed with NDAA.
Allowing a cabal that owns the media and politics to legally pull politricks on the unsuspecting public.
It doesn’t get any sicker then this..


Staging shooting sprees.. is it possible?
Yes its possible how? Well theres drugs and theres microwave direct energy weapons (More on that later) lets focus on the less insane method using a drug called scoplamines that completely eliminates freewill:

Now keep in mind a Mind Kontrol program existed in the CIA called Mkultra..

Its quite a horrible thing to say Actors are used in Mass shootings called “Crisis Actors” and i didn’t believe it myself i thought it was utter insanity to believe such a thing but then i started examining the behavior of so called shooting “victims” “Relatives” the first that stuck out to me was Robbie Parker.. smiling and then fake sobbing.. being a good researcher i looked into Sandy Hook and there was so many red flags. What im about to say may shock some.. its denoted by several factors including the license plate of “Adam Lanza’s” Car i independently researched Everything i could. Starting first with the first flag i saw the license plate which traced back to a convict in New York Christopher Something. Unfortunately my memory doesn’t suffice to remember his last name.. but i am sure you can google for it. The information is out there..
So theres that unless Adam lanza was a master car theif and has jacking cars under his belt that alone destorys the story.
The whole Sandy Hook Story didn’t add up honestly i remember reading and hearing the media say a second suspect was caught in the woods in camo. What happened to him?
Am i saying that kids didn’t die? No im not but rather i think they died but this was a black operation then we were presented with Actors who sold us their stories and lobbied for gun control. Crazy thought? It would be if the NDAA didn’t repeal smith-Mundit and the CIA didn’t use Propaganda on the Public before and a Group within the US joint chiefs of staff didn’t plot the murder of innocent people as well as the Existence of a New World Order group wanting literal genocide of the population on you, your friends and your family. (More on that later because there is an overwhelming amount of proof that backs this.)
wait there is more..

Off of the topic of shootings and on to the subject of a newly created terrorist organization ISIS that literally got Power seemingly overnight..

The Fake ISIS beheadings of “Journalist” when these were happening i became very suspicious i asked the questions the media didn’t..
Like how “ISIS” suddenly had captured so many journalist.. i mean really is that not suspicious? In addition to that i started noticing the same behavior pattern i saw with the actors in sandy hook i then started noticing the recycling re-use of “Crisis Actors” insanity..

Then i noticed the same person interviewed at Sandy Hook who said she knew Nancy Lanza was Also interviewed twice for the Boston Bombing once during the bombing and once during the chase the chances?:

Here is more about this crisis actor/plant Adriana Victoria Munoz:

For a more broad Analysis then i will do on Sandy Hook in this post watch this documentary:

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook – NEW 2015 Documentary:

Back to ISIS..
Then the media started questioning whether these were “staged.” As someone questioned the backdrop shadows and said these were done on a stage. It became clear that these beheadings were either fake or ISIS had an incredible hollywood production team.

Is ISIS Beheading Video Of 21 Egyptian Christians Fake? Film Experts Argue ‘Yes’:

6 Reasons Why James Foley Beheading Video Could be Fake:

Foley murder video ‘may have been staged’

Report: Foley Execution Video May Have Been Staged

Paper: Foley’s video beheading staged

James Foley Beheading Video Has Play-Acting Portions – Video Experts Say

The Smoking Gun Hack Of Mccain’s Staffer Laptop:

This confirmed my suspicions that these were fake but why?
Well the US wants to over throw the Assad government. As revealed by Several people at the Pentagon to Judicial Watch the US enabled ISIS to destabilize the middle east.. so fake beheadings? Ahhhh that adds up and makes sense eh?:

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad:

Ex-US Intelligence Officials Confirm: Secret Pentagon Report Proves US Complicity In Creation Of ISIS:

That still doesn’t awnser why?
Well back to Project MockingBird manipulation of public opinion did the Cabal essentially want us to agree to invading syria? But wait there is proof of this..

Well the Media lied multiple times about syria:

Fake videos about Syria (CNN,Al Jazeera,BBC):


Remember back when the chemical weapons Attack happened in syria 2012 it was blamed on the Assad government?:

Then the UN investigators went into Syria and were shot at while trying to investigate by Snipers? What the fuck Snipers yes Snipers like those that Also shot at both sides the resistance in Maidan and the Ukrainian Police.:

UN investigators shot at:
UN inspectors visit site of alleged Syria chemical attack despite sniper fire:

‘Maidan snipers trained in Poland’: Polish MP alleges special op in Ukraine to provoke riot:

Nuland Tries to Bend the Truth Behind Maidan Snipers Case:

After the Syrian chemical attack it was clear the Elite wanted to invade syria and it was met with resistance when Several soldiers started tweeting images of them in uniform saying “we won’t fight for Alqueda in Syria”:





Then a few weeks later the Navy Yard shooting happened.. as if the military was punished for standing up against the Elite.


Then it was revealed the shooter engraved on his gun “My ELF Weapon.”:

Officials: Navy Yard shooter carved odd messages into his gun before carnage:

Oh and then theirs Osama Bin laden the hero:

In conclusion message to the cabal:


AK out.



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