The Black Projects No One Knows Existed Foreshadows What Probably Exist Today:

“There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” – Daniel K. Inouye, US Senator from Hawaii, testimony at the Iran Contra Hearings, 1986

Black Budget Projects What are they?
As revealed by NSA contractor Edward Snowden, a Black Budget Exist but Whats On the Black Budget?
The following is a list of Previously Known Black Budget programs now disclosed and admitted and information openly available about them for anyone with a pc and an internet connection and a bit of knowledge about using search engines. We already discussed previously Project Paperclips smuggling of scientist/physicist etc into the US now its time to learn that the Nazi SS experiments never stopped in Germany.


List of Known Previous Black Budget Programs:

1. MKultra
2. LSD Psychological Experiments
3. Project Stargate (CIA interest in Intelligence Psychic Remote viewing studying.)
4. Torture
5. Project Montauk
6. Drug smuggling (Mena, Arkansas (Barry Seal), California (Ricky Ross), (CIA campaign to sell crack to black communities.)
7. Gun running  (Fast Furious, Libya, etc.
8. Sponsored Propaganda  (Mockingbird)
9. Assassination Squads/Regime change
10. SSP (Secret Space Program)

Although there is probably more
Lets start with..

1. Mkultra, what was Mkultra? Is it still continuing today?
Mkultra was a program where the CIA attempted mind kontrol using various methods including trauma programming on patients in mental hospitals and unsuspecting victims. People were treated as lab rats. MKultra actually started under the Nazi SS. Hitler was very interested in mind control. The program the Nazi SS soldiers were working on was continued when Sydney Gottlied and Several other scientist were brought to the US under Operation Paperclip. Mkultra is in fact still continuing today through blurbs of subliminal advertisements to unsuspecting consumers on the TV and in Magazine ads. Mainstream scientist are only now starting to learn how the brain works when presented with subliminal imagery.

2. LSD Experiments in the 1950s though it can be argued that the LSD Experiments could be branched under MKultra umbrella, its worth separating to explain the veracity of these experiments from drugging johns through using illegal prostitutes. To drugging fellow agents the CIA did a lot of experiments with LSD.


3. Project StarGate and Almost the most Bizzare project, the CIA hired Ingo Swann and several other Psychics for its development of its Remote Viewing program during the cold war to combat the soviets advancement into the same practice. Now it wouldn’t be strange if the program didn’t last several years spending billions of dollars which means they must have gotten results..
The Militaries Remote viewing manual is available online for anyone looking search google.


4. Torture Again something that could go under the MKUltra, umbrella but i split for the purpose of expanding on it.
Since recently it was revealed the CIA
Tortured Gitmo detainees and had several known black sites. From force feeding to water boarding or more extreme measures, psychological torture with loud blaring music, to a white room torture. They have literally done it all.

5. Project Montauk and Elm Island a quite disturbing project where science fiction meets reality, over the years there have been many reports of diabolical monsters showing up around the world. Rumor has it project montauk is the source. What is Project Montauk? Well its a Scientific nightmare fusing DNA between animals some even speculate humans with Animals Crazy? No doubt insanity? Sure is check out these pictures of creatures below.






6. Drug smuggling less crazy and more sane of a belief is that compartmentalization within CIA has allowed individuals to network and create a drug trade where one side fights the drug war the other enables it..
Its well documented that Barry Seal flew cocaine to Arkansas Mena. Also that CIA drug lord Ricky Ross sold crack.

7. Gun Running Again Another thing that compartmentalization allows would be the illegal gun trade market buying and selling of weapons for profit. This is documented with Fast Furious and the gun running operations in Libya.

8. Sponsored Propaganda in the media under operation Mockingbird where a quote from then CIA head said “we will know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American Public believes is false.”


9. Assasination Squads/Assasinations
Over the years it’s become increasingly evident and speculated that assassination programs existed both killing or attempting to kill foreign leaders or targeting deemed “Dangerous individuals” like as revealed by the 1978s senate hearing.


10. The SSP, lastly iv saved the most Bizzare and best for last the Secret Space Program. NASA’s First Rocket Ship was designed by Nazi Scientist Werner Von Braun. Werner Von Braun
Was said to be working on a prototype rocket for Hitler is it possible the Nazis visted deep space first? If it wasn’t for knowledge of Operation Highjump where the US commanded under Admrial Richard E. Byrd Explored Antartic nazi bases and saw and documented “Flying Saucers” i would say No. But it doesn’t stop there..
NASA’s first Moon Missions Project MoonDust and Project Clementine were taken over by the Department of Defense and classified why? Unless there is something to hide? To add onto it Several Astronauts have said NASA is lying and NASA even “lost” the Apollo recording tapes.
Just What are they hiding up there?

Its Also worth noting the same US Admiral Richard E. Byrd who commanded the Expedition of Operation HighJump wrote in his journal and later appeared on National TV that he flew his plane inside the Earth from the pole. Now this sounds absolutely absurd if it wasn’t for his credentials and who he was to make it plausible in addition rumors of pyramids in Antartica and several Military bases coincidentally surrouding the poles.There are many secrets the government keeps from us these are the Black Projects..

Next well dive deeper into the dark world of black projects look more into the SSP and look into Weather Warfare Technology HAARP..



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